About me

I got introduced to the internet at age of 7-8 when my brother would turn on YouTube videos for ill me. Then I would start using it myself, spending my time watching videos about ponies, video games, plushies doing things and Nerdy Nummies making rainbow cake. After that, I would go to GirlsGoGames and play something.

One day I've decided to make my own YouTube channel. One of my most favorite things about YouTube channels back then was the channel's banner and how it was displayed on the entire page; I would dream of how I would draw a biiiiiiig picture and display it on one.

And so I made it. Right on 2013 New Year eve. Only to discover that YouTube made banners very tiny, even smaller than it is now if you remember. I was so upset

And this is when my hate for modern internet started

Soon I’ve stopped minding it but I gradually started to see how things change. More bland colors and formality, less customization. Switching to circle profile pictures was the last straw. At first I thought I’m the only one caring because I have an artistic spirit decorating everything in hundreds of colors and shapes but soon I started to see videos of people complaining about it. I wasn’t the only one noticing.

And this is when I found a video about Olia Lialina and One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age – a website preserving old geocities webpages. I wasn’t seeing webpages like this much back in the day, but I remember stumbling upon some from 2007 or so. Back then they were still a norm, but now I’ve finally noticed how they all disappeared and this is when I remembered that YouTube banner story. I was sad again – those websites...it seemed like they were actually having fun...

One year I got really invested into HTML after finding some random tutorial and actually recreating it! Later I’ve used this knowledge for my deviant art profile ID.I was so proud of myself! When I was bored in IT class I would just make a website. Sometimes I would draw something in MS paint and display it there! When we were actually learning html in IT class I would get straight A’s all the time

Until one day I discovered this website hosting - Neocities! It was mentioned in that video and with my html knowledge I knew I could handle this and make all my self-expression internet dreams come true without being held in minimalism prison.

And here we are now! I have a pretty website! And now I can finally make a big background teehee XD I can finally be myself and not be hold back by algorythms and small customization options woooo!! \(≧▽≦)/

Okay, now ACTUALLY about me

I was born 17 years ago on a sunny day of July 8th in a small Ukrainian cottage town. I am Bisexual since it’s not my fault yall are so pretty x3. Although I’m naturally a happy-go-lucky enthusiastic girl, I am going through clinical depression right now but I hope to get better with my new antidepressants! WE NEED OUR JOLLY GIRL BACK!!!

Besides the internet , if it's not obvious yet, my favorite thing is art. Any art. Of course my favorite is drawing and painting, thus I want to apply to be an art Major next year, but I also love to do crafts and I want to get into sewing and crocheting . I also want to make music someday, but yet I don’t have melodies coming to my head and I want to make video games too! And cooking! And gardening! I basically have way too many passions aww man XP

I love everything nature-related and rainbow-like. Yellow, green and pink and other neon colors. Asteraceae family flowers like sunflowers and daisies. My favorite creatures are bunnies and angels. I love Fighting and Rhythm games and some Warioware and old electronics such as CRTs and CD players.I don’t have exact music taste(I can listen to almost everything at some point), but my favorites are dubstep, hip-hop and some pop and punk rock music. Hospitals and warm brown and golden colors are yucky! xP

Parappa the Rapper is the literal love of my life - It helped me to cope with my depression in 6th grade and shaped my tastes so I’m forever grateful and I want to dedicate most of my art to it!!!

Hardcore foreva’! bye high school! Hello art degree!
my fav sanrio character - usahana

Graphix for my friendz ;)

blinkies & stamps

neat people!

more coming soon!