*Stacey recently had a birthday (July eighth). Say happy birthday!*

Oh? Who's that? This charismatic girlie i saw across the net?
This is Neotary to ya, silly! A girl with charisma and golden heart, love to nature, handy hands and lots of talents! Can draw, act, sing and program! And isn't she beautiful by her own? Just like all of us? Aww yeah!
She longs to be a goodwill ambasador and a milf too. But now she has a more importamt deed - to show yall how to get creative on the internet! how to be yourself! Even if rich white fatties try to turn you into a regular consumer - don'tcha' give up! She creates videos, artworks, webpages and, sometimes, just post funny thoughts on the internet or even neat facts to help you to a better person!(just listen to your heart buddy!)
This website is a starting point to all her activity - not the first thing she started, but a train station to send you everywhere else and have big picture!
oh me oh my you are sooooo welcomed and you are sure valid!~
(woah, this description is nuts!)

*Stacey recently had a birthday (July eighth). Say happy birthday!*

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  • The site has been finally updated! yee in the haw!

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    first art fight attack-"Magical girl Fliss!"

    how much of us are there?

    wanna know more?

    due to the rules of copyright law 967 you can steal pics from here for funnies. But not to put moustache on my face